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400ml - FireSense+ Aerosol

400ml - FireSense+ Aerosol

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The SPA FireSense+ powered by 4Fire 400ml(13.5oz) Cannister Handheld Fire Extinguisher is a compact, efficient and cost-effective extinguisher, capable of tackling A, B, F and Electrical(up to 1000v) rated fires. This is an ideal product if you are limited with storage, due to its compact design.
A – Ordinary combustibles (wood, paper, fabrics & plastics etc.)

B – Flammable liquids (gasoline, grease, oil, paint, solvents etc.)

F – Cooking oils or fats (kitchenware etc.)

Non-conductive up to 1000v

4Fire has also had great test results in extinguishing lithium battery fires.

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